Private Interment Service in Venice

While a funeral is about the body's final resting place, a private or home funeral is more intimate, less costly, and allows the family greater flexibility. Private interment service in Venice is an event focused for those closest to the deceased to mourn privately, or those who respect their privacy, it's a chance to choose the right situation for the unique family.

A private interment might be chosen for any of these reasons:

  • Cost: A larger graveside service is expensive. A private burial is always more affordable.
  • Final goodbye: Lowering the body into the ground is typically seen as the last goodbye. It's understandable for this to be reserved for the closest family and friends.
  • Funeral or memorial is at a later date: Travel, sickness (or pandemics), and other issues can lead to a postponed funeral. Some people choose to hold a virtual funeral or interment for those who can't make it.
Religious customs: Finally, some families include religious or cultural customs on the interment, which might not be open to non-practitioners or those outside these circles
Having a private interment managed by Forever in your Hearts Eulogies, will support you through all the planning. During your time of loss, allow Forever in your Hearts Eulogies to assist you & your family by creating a Eulogy & " Private Interment," giving a meaningful & proper remembrance.

Reverend Elizabeth Turk, a local Non-Denominational Pastor, creates custom "private burial" services throughout Florida. Each service is made from the immediate family's memories and written with them in mind at the location of your choice. Reverend Elizabeth Turk is an expert in writing and creating the perfect private interment service in Venice for those that have passed of all faiths and denominations.

Contact us for more information about our private interment service in Venice.

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Rev. Elizabeth Turk

During your time of loss allow me to assist you & your family by creating a Eulogy & "Celebration of Life" giving a meaningful & proper remembrance.

Each service is custom written from your immediate family's memories and Rev.
Turk has written services nationally for 20+ years so her expertise will help you through a difficult time like no other.

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