Life Celebrations for the Living

Why wait?

That is the Question. Losing you will be so difficult. You mean so much to so many. Reverend Elizabeth Turk is an expert in writing and creating Celebrations of Life for the living and those that have passed.

But again, why wait?

Help your family to celebrate all you are while you are with them still. Writing your life story into a service to celebrate all that you are, all that you’ve brought, all that you’ve shared, given, built and endeavored to do… Why wait… until you’re gone?

Control the narrative, share the stories you want shared, bring back those magnificent memories to those that have loved you in this life right alongside of you.

Why now?

Years ago, I had the privilege to celebrate the life of a beautiful woman who was battling stage 4 cancer, and… she knew her time was brief. She asked her family to please have her life celebration with her there. She wanted to hear her loved ones' stories, memories, dreams for the future but most importantly, she wanted to be there.

After writing celebration of life services for families across the Nation, from proud military members, famed cardiologists, a gal who worked on the equipment that landed on the moon, a renowned circuit court judge, a daughter, a son, a mother, a father, grandfather, grandmother and more I’ve become proficient in helping families gather their stories of their loved ones and create the perfect Celebration of Life for the living as well as those that have passed. Let me Help you in your time of need.