Private Interment Service in Tampa

What is the difference between a funeral and a private interment service in Tampa? Even if both ceremonies have much in common, such as:

  • Prayers
  • Religious music
  • Eulogy readings
  • Final goodbyes from friends and family
  • Throwing dirt on the grave
  • Moment of silence
  • Religious readings
They accomplish these in different ways. While a funeral has more to do with the orderly and often spiritually-defined, a private interment is when the family chooses to keep this process amongst close friends and family only.

During your time of loss, allow Forever in your Hearts Eulogies to assist you & your family by creating a Eulogy & "Private interment," giving a meaningful & proper remembrance.

After offering private interment for families across the Nation, from proud military members, famed cardiologists, a gal who worked on the equipment that landed on the moon, a renowned circuit court judge, a daughter, a son, a mother, a father, grandfather, grandmother and more. Reverend Elizabeth Turk has become proficient in helping families gather the stories of their loved ones and offer private interment service in Tampa.

Services are provided throughout Florida at the location of your choice. A beach, your home, a country club, etc. Our professional services include:

  • Graveside Funeral - Custom written service.
  • Interment Funeral - Custom services at the location where the family wishes to place the ashes of their loved one.
  • Military Funeral - Custom writing service and military honors.
  • Celebration of Life - Custom written from immediate family's memories.
  • Mail-Away Services
  • Celebration of Life for the living
Contact us for more information about our private interment service in Tampa. Phone: 941-773-6336 or 561-308-7298

Rev. Elizabeth Turk

During your time of loss allow me to assist you & your family by creating a Eulogy & "Celebration of Life" giving a meaningful & proper remembrance.

Each service is custom written from your immediate family's memories and Rev.
Turk has written services nationally for 20+ years so her expertise will help you through a difficult time like no other.

941-773-6336 - 561-308-7298

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